This Moron Got His Lamborghini Serviced At Best Buy

This photo provided by a reader shows car crime on the level of taking your Lamborghini to Best Buy to get a stereo (or DVD player or iPad) installed. Because it's someone taking their Lamborghini Murcielago to Best Buy for a stereo installation.

Forget that going to Best Buy for installs is occasionally fraught with problems, it's the place where you take your Hyundai TIburon. Not the place where you take your Lamborghini.

We're not going to judge you too harshly if you want to trust a bunch of high school kids with your Saturn Ion speaker install. People get busy, even if it's an easy DIY job. But a $US350,000 Italian exotic? Are you mental?

Perhaps this will finally prove that most Murcielago owners have more money than sense. And they get that money by cutting corners.

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