This Is NASA's Secret Seaside Astronaut Hangout Pad

Preparing to plough up into the vacuum of space is no small task. It might even be a little stressful, even to the iron-nerved astro-gods at NASA. So before every launch, they retreat to this house for drinking and wives.

The Cape Canaveral house, as Motherboard shows, is nothing fancy - about as spartan as the shuttle itself. But inside is a wonderfully retro (well, not in 1962 it wasn't) interior, replete with wood panelling, plentiful booze and a BBQ. Is there anything you'd want more before hurdling into orbit - with the grim prospect of not returning? Probably not, no. Each launch is preceded by a ceremonial pre-ignition cookout, where astro-families mingle with NASA workers, before the latter leave the astronauts and their spouses for some private time - because really, aside from food and drink, what do you really want before you head out into the stars? Also, at the risk of being crass, I do think this would make an incredible reality TV series. [via Motherboard]

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