This iPhone Survived A 4000m Fall

The iPhone 4 may shatter too easily but apparently its guts can sustain plenty of damage, as 37-year-old Minnesotan Jarrod McKinney discovered while skydiving at 4000m.

His phone had previously shattered when his two-year-old son dropped it from a bathroom shelf, so when it fell from 4000m, he thought it would be completely destroyed. He found the device 800m from his landing point. And if you are thinking it probably fell on soft grass after being slowed down by tree leaves, that wasn't the case.

Jarrod claims that it fell on top of a building using a GPS-tracking app (presumably Apple's own Find iPhone app), so it was a hard crash. The phone glass and screen shattered, but when he showed it to the skydiving instructor and a few friends, the phone started to vibrate. Apparently, its guts were intact. [CNN]

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