There Are More iPhones Than Blackberries, But Android Dominates

Smartphones are finally outselling dumbphones, but not everyone's a winner. ComScore's latest numbers show that still aren't looking good for RIM.

After losing 4.2 per cent of their market share in the US, they're down to 24.7 per cent vs Apple's 26.6 per cent. Looks like their "superphone" can't come soon enough.

On the other hand, it seems Google's Android is doing quite well for itself. In that same five-month period, it leapfrogged 5.1 per cent to a whopping 38.1 per cent.

It's also worth noting that despite the launch of WP7, Microsoft lost 1.9 per cent thus continuing it's downward trajectory towards obsolesence. But who knows, maybe Mango will be sweet enough to lure customers from the shiny Apple. [All Things D]

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