The Real-World Bitcoin Business Is (Kind Of) Booming

Bitcoin is everyone's favourite made-up digital money, sure. But whaddya know? Turns out there are plenty of legitimate brick-and-mortar shops out there that are ready to conduct awkward-yet-satisfying bitcoin transactions with you in the flesh.

Have a look:

Meze Grill, as we previously mentioned, is a purveyor of delicious Mediterranean food in midtown NYC. Ask for olives with your hummus.

Sugar is a quirky wedding cake shop in Western Oklahoma City with a love for virtual "crypto-currency". And you really can't go wrong with cake.

Duck Yao is a forward-thinking little restaurant serving vegan Asian cuisine in Worcester, MA. While I'm not sure what vegan barbecue pork tastes like, I'd like to visit.

The Arms Locker in Pittsburgh, PA sells... well, firearms. Fully licensed and certified, they specialise in Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns and "accessories effective for home defence, target shooting, competition or concealed carry". Which, along with Bitcoin, is a great way to fight back the looming new world order!

The The Howard Johnson Hotel and Conference Center in Fullerton, California, accepts bitcoins for their accommodations. Seriously. You just have to contact the owner and financial controller, Jefferson Kim, to get you started. And then you can, of course, go to Disneyland.

Sound off in the comments if you know any other spots for some bitcoin love.

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    Our website just starting accepting bitcoins today:

    that is a good thing

    Anybody know of any retailers in OZ that accept them yet..? That will be the real turning point for me..:]

    I have a small farm and will be selling Alpine strawberries and jam online this fall. I plan to accept Dwolla, Paypal, and Bitcoin :)

    It's great to see brick-and-mortar businesses accepting bitcoin.

    I'm trying to convince some local merchants in my area to accept bitcoin payments.

    listen you guys the power of bitcoin is this
    p to p "monetize" the information on the web

    Bitcoin is for smart people only, if you don't get it stay way we do not dumb / ignorant to succeed, there are plenty of educated & honest people to do business with. the rest of you can ESAD.

      Maybe before you start calling other people dumb you could learn enough of the language to actually write it. Before intelligent individuals take a chance they generally collect enough information to make an educated decision, which means asking questions first. So if you aren't interested in helping, then you are probably part of the problem...!! Just my uneducated guess.. :]

    BitCoin is supposed to be anonymous.

      Why..? If it's anonymous them how does it grow and reach the potential it needs to be a true alternative to the current legal tender?

      Anonymity is optional. Some businesses will need to know who you are- like car rental places among many many others.

    the bitcoin economy in au is till developing, but i have seen a package holiday, computer hardware and services being traded for BTC in au. personally i have bought and sold computer gear.
    there is even an au Bitcoin Mining Pool :)

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