The Most Sexually Charged Portable DVD Player Robbery Yet

Details are scarce, but we do know this: a man and a woman broke into a garage on Sunday to steal things. Then they got sidetracked by having sex with each other. And then it got weird.

According to KDSK news, the woman decided - mid-coitus! - to spray her accomplice/lover in the face with pepper spray, stealing his car and driving it just far enough to crash into a pond 3km away.

The man, meanwhile, undeterred by eyes that were essentially on fire, managed to stuff power tools and portable DVD players into a bag and take off down the road, where he was apprehended a short time later.

The weirdest part? Of all of this? Someone owned multiple portable DVD players, and someone else thought they were valuable enough to steal. [KSDK via Fark, Top image via Shutterstock/Luis Louro]

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