The Most Insane North Korea Propaganda

The Most Insane North Korea Propaganda

Haven’t you heard? North Korea is the place to be! Wide open spaces, friendly locals, quiet, technology-free living at its finest! Repressive authoritarian government? Us? Noooo.

Our friends at Oobject bring us 12 more examples of North Korea’s best propaganda.

After your trip, take a look at these Soviet satellites, only some of which were ripped off from those filthy American dogs and their functional designs!

Americans Throw Babies Down Wells

Hanging on Bayonette

In Range

Lift Off


Many Hands Stop US bombs

Missiles On the US Capitol

Red Soldier

Rifle Butt

Stamping Out the US

The US Depicted As A Dog Barking at A Train

We Have Lots of Food

Possibly the sickest joke of all.