The iPhone Apps Everyone Should Have June 2011

The iPhone Apps Everyone Should Have June 2011

A new month is here, and that means it’s time to do a little housekeeping on our list of the absolute best iPhone apps. Who will be inducted? Who will unceremoniously get the boot?


Flare: It’s a video recorder app that records in High Dynamic Range. Which means it allows for a greater range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an image to bring a more detailed look at the world. HDR videos take the stunning unreality of HDR photos to a whole ‘nother level[imgclear]

Tumblr 2.0: Tumblr’s iPhone app, which used to suck, has been graced with a brand new interface that makes it brainless to use. Everything about 2.0 is smoother, simpler, and all around better. Writing an entry is easy-be it a photo post or just a reblog-and switching between multiple blogs is handled gracefully.[imgclear]

iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote. It’s iWork on your iPhone. You can tweak documents you’ve created on your Mac or iPad, or make new ones with a buffet of characteristically nice-looking templates. It’s great: a full list of transitions for slides in Keynote; a variety of charts for data in Numbers; fonts for every occasion in Pages.[imgclear]

Tiny Tower: A free 8-bit style game that lets you channel your inner landlord. You build floors on a tower to attract “bitizens” to live in it and then control their lives (manage, hire, give a job, evict). It’s like SimCity but actually fun.[imgclear]


Auto Corrector: There’s few things more maddening than typing something correctly on the iPhone and then having it ‘auto correct’ you into something completely different. Auto Corrector for iPhone is an app that lets you easily add words to your custom dictionary so your iPhone won’t turn ‘fuck’ into duck anymore.[imgclear]



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