The FireText Could Save Your Life While Terrifying Your Friends

Just admit it. You suck at cooking. Therefore, that annoying little fire alarm over your head has probably saved your life a few times. So an alarm that sends out texts to emergency contacts sounds amazing right?

The FireText does just that. It's has a GSM SIM card on its underside that allows you to send fire-related texts to up to four numbers. Great idea. Say you left the stove on before running out to work. Or something's burning while you sleep. Your alarm will let you know, either directly or through a friend, that there could be a fire.

But what if you're cooking a big ol' steak and the smoke's a little out of hand. Not only do you have to deactivate the alarm, but you'd need to calm your panicked friends downs after the little bastard made them think you were burnt to a crisp. Imagine dealing with that a couple of times a month, on top of the carrier charges to send out the texts.

But better safe than sorry. $US144. [Firetext, Ubergizmo]

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