Shooting Challenge: 5 Wintry Shots

The muted colours of winter can make for some stunning shots - provided that you're willing to trudge out into the cold. Six of you did exactly that - one even in a bikini! - to show us what winter looks like where you are.

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Ania Wronski

This is a photo of me in the forests near the city of Kielce in Poland (where I was born) taken on our holiday to Poland. It makes me look about 12 (when I was 22 when this photo was taken), however the contrasting colours are just amazing. It was taken with a Canon EOS 500D.

Tharaka Pathirage

I figured it would be good to do a fun shoot in the snow, so we went to Lake Mountain in Vic, walking through the snow was painful carrying all the equipment because I kept falling into the 12" deep snow with every step, while the girls just glided over the top haha

It was shot with a Canon 5D Mark 2, 24-70L lens. ISO 50, 1/200th @ f/10 and lit up by a portable strobe figured into an Octobox

Robert Pettigrew

I took this photo one morning when i could not sleep and after missing out on the sunset over the city i decide to chance a photo of a sunrise. Brisbane really does not have a winter as such but it made for an impressive photo as the sun just appeared between two buildings under the Story Bridge. In the end the hour long wait while joggers went past giving me strange glances because i was using a stone pylon as a tripod was worth it. needless to say i staggered into work very tired but happy.

Location: Riverside overlooking the Story Bridge, Brisbane. Camera: Canon 40D Lens: Canon 24-105 L ISO: 100 Exposure time: 1/800 sec F.Stop: f/4 Focal Length: 24 mm

Vaughan Gregg

Camera: Canon d1000 Lens: EFS 18-55 Aperture: f5 Exposure: 0 ISO – 800

Living in Perth you don't really get the feeling of traditional winter, but when my Poinsettia turns bright red you know it's getting damn cold outside. Still getting used to slr photography and the multitude of settings but i just take the same photo with a whole bunch of settings and see which looks best.

Sam Dussin

this was taken in the late hours of a winter morning as the sun finally defrosted everything that was frozen over night. i was trying to focus on the water droplets on the clothes line, playing with my depth of field, but i also love how the droplets on the tree in the background create that fairy light effect. this is what i love about winter, the cold nights and waking up to a warm sun waking everything back up again.

taken using my canon 550D, 74mm, f/10, 1/3200, ISO4000. fiddled with in photo shop, adjusted contrast and saturation and also put a cooling photo filter on it, to achieve a more winter look.

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