Real-Life Up! House Looks Exactly Like The Movie

We were all amazed when we saw the real life Up! house that could fly with balloons. I might be more amazed at this Up! house though, it's an exact replica of the one Carl and Ellie lived in. Exact.

Bangerter Homes, the developer, sought out permission from Disney before building the 260sqm Up! house replica (I'm actually amazed that they got the go ahead) and just recently finished the exterior. The interior still needs some work but they'll be following the movie's blueprints, if you saw it in the movie, you'll probably see it in this house. The developers are being mindful of every little detail - the weathervane, the garden hose, everything.

The house, located in Herriman, Utah, has an asking price of $US400,000 and will open up for tours on July 29 until August 14. I thought I would never say this but, uh, road trip to Utah? Watch the video of the real-life Up! house here. [Bangerter Homes via Hooked on Houses]

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