Razer Switchblade Development (And Striptease) Continues

Remember the Razer Switchblade? The 7-inch handheld gaming PC is like a mix between the Nintendo DS and an Optimus keyboard — the keys have screens that change to suit the game being played. It was one of the cooler products shown at CES this year, and though it remains a concept, Razer has now worked with Intel to pack in a 1.7GHz Intel Atom Z690 processor. Do want!

Apparently the Z690 is 13 per cent faster than current generation Oak Trail Atom processors, too. Now for the bad news: Razer is still only teasing:

"Our work with Intel allowed us to not only optimise the performance of the hardware on this concept device, but also lay the foundation for future products that will fully utilise the innovative technologies first developed on the Razer Switchblade concept." [SlashGear]

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