Ravers Vs Rockers: Who Loses The Most Phones At Festivals?

According to a survey by UK gadget insurer, Protect Your Bubble, one in four festival going Brits will lose something at an event this year. But who's most at risk?

Turns out that dance fans are the most absent minded. Surprised? Me neither, and I love a good stomp. Apparently 1 in 10 of those polled had lost a mobile at a festival, and nearly half of them were iPhones. Hip hop fans weren't far behind.

"Fans of David Guetta and the Chemical Brothers are the most likely to own an iPhone, but also the most careless at losing the gadget. While fans of Plan B and Tinie Tempah drink the most and have the least insurance protection. Fans of Pulp and Ke$ha clearly take better care of their gadgets with their chances of their mobile getting lost or stolen nearly half that of other fans."

The survey was undertaken at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, London. More: [Pocket-lint][Image: trancescend+, Inthemix]

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