Procella Serves Up Big Subwoofer Sound In Smaller Package

Procella's P15 subwoofer isn't the company's behemoth compared to the bigger P18 model. But don't mistake it for a runt: the P15 packs two 15-inch drivers, each powered by a 350W amplifier.

The P15 uses an active, long throw driver to produce up to 125dB of sound and has a frequency response that goes as low as 22Hz (with a tolerance of +/- 3dB). But the selling point is that the subwoofer is only 8.7-inches deep. Instead of some bulky cube, you get a slimmer piece that fits up against a wall in a less obnoxious manner. The Procella P15 is available now for $US6000. [Procella via Electronista]

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