Gizmodo Poll: Vodafone Claims Network Fixes, What Say You?

Gizmodo Poll: Vodafone Claims Network Fixes, What Say You?


At the start of July, Voda said that over half the roll-out of its new 850MHz network is complete, and that users of smartphones in particular should now be experiencing more coverage and improved performance. What’s been your experience in July?

The telco also says its own data indicates that since January, it’s improved drop calls by 18 per cent, and data reliability by 66 per cent. Lifehacker recently tested 3G data on the Voda network in the Central Coast and Newcastle areas of NSW, with than impressive results anywhere north of Gosford.

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The network improvements are also ongoing:

By the end of the year an additional 520 sites will have been upgraded and 500 network sites added across the country to improve coverage, signal strength, and overall network quality

In April, Vodafone also embarked on a project to replace network equipment and install the latest, state of the art Huawei equipment at all network sites across Australia, to increase reliability and overall network quality.