UFC Fighters Using The PlayStation 3 To Visualise Knockouts

UFC Fighters Using The PlayStation 3 To Visualise Knockouts

Confession: I’m a huge UFC fan, so when the cage and technology collide, I’m all over it like a gogoplata. Exhibit A: Diego Sanchez (in training to fight hall-of-famer Matt Hughes at UFC 135) loves THQ’s UFC Undisputed game. “It’s is a visualisation tool for me where you’re seeing it, you’re feeling it and you can already have that knockout in your mind.”

Sanchez, who is coming off two decision wins against Martin Kampmann and Paulo Thiago, goes on to explain:

“The game is so realistic looking that I do my late night training by getting on my PlayStation 3 and fighting my opponent 20 times in the game… As long as you go in and do the work and train, when you get in and fight, you’ve already seen what can happen, so it’s more realistic that it will happen.”

This gets me thinking. How many of you would be up for a Gizmodo/Kotaku meet-up at a Sydney pub showing the UFC one Sunday? Just an idea.

Of course, if you really want to get your UFC on, you’ll soon have UFC Personal Trainer for the Xbox/Kinect to try out, too. Sanchez talks about it in his interview with: [ESPN via Bloody Elbow]