Peek Behind Avatar Kinect's Wireframe Curtain: How Xbox Turns You Into A Virtual Blinking, Winking Chatterbox

Avatar Kinect, the not-quite-creepy smirking, winking virtual you, is launching today Kinect Fun Labs. It tracks your eyebrows, mouth and other points on your face to translate your real-world expressions into their polygonal equivalent. This is how it works.

The Kinect sensor doesn't have provide quite enough fidelity to say, actually match your blinks to the one's onscreen - they're randomly generated - but larger facial movements like arched eyebrows and gaping maws - it nails more often than not. Interestingly, it's the inaccuracy that makes Avatar Kinect feel more fun than weird, a game more than something truly uncanny. Of all the sets to check out, the pencil-sketched set designed by a developer's daughter is perhaps the most enchanting.

Video by Michael Werner, Editing by Woody Jang

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