Pastafarian Finally Gets Driver's Licence After Wearing Colander Hat

Athiests everywhere (well, in Austria) can rejoice. After three years and medical testing to prove his sanity, Niko Alm just received his driver's licence. All that just so he could wear a colander on his head for the picture.

Alm is a proud member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Or, rather, he's a regular athiest who likes to poke gentle fun at religious types by insisting there's a giant pasta being watching over us from on high. He noticed that headgear was only allowed in licence photos if they were for religious reasons. So! Naturally, he insisted his metal strainer hat was a requirement for his faith. What could the Austrian police really do to him?

Well, they kept him waiting for three years. Alm was patient, though, and he finally got the licence nice and official. The next step: Turn Pastafarianism into a recognised religion. [BBC via BoingBoing]



    Next census, I'm putting down "Pastafarian"

      I think I put down Jedi last time, but this time I'm absolutely ticking the atheist box.
      So many decisions in this country are based off the idea that most people are religious, and writing anything in the 'other religion' box counts you as a religious person as far as census results are concerned.

      If not theistic, don't say you are on the census, it just causes the government to cater to the minority.

        Agreed. This is something more people should realise when joking around with the census.

    what a legend (and a nutter)

    It is a undeniable fact that "global warming" is a direct result of fewer pirates. Just look at the data.

    If he's a Pastafarian, where's his spaghetti dreads?

    Oh man that's epic. Pastafarian is my new religion!


    This is without a doubt news of the day/week/month (TBD) for me.

    I find this talk of Pastafarianism deeply offensive. In my religion Pasta is just a profit who sits at the right hand side of Risotto.

    Your all a bunch of social sponges who worship donkeys like lady gaga and belive rubbish pumped out to you by your governments. Wake up to yourselves, if this guy is your hero, then may he help you in times of need a struggle, dimwits..

      It's OK mate. Those men in white coats will be round shortly...

      FSM bless you pete, for your [sic] clearly of His making for our noodly amusement. The tree, the mountain and the midget are in good company, I belive [sic].

    "metal strainer hat"

    Looks plastic to me.

    I am the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Thou shalt have no other monsters before Me. (Afterwards is OK; just use protection.) The only Monster who deserves capitalization is Me! Other monsters are false monsters, undeserving of capitalization.

    Suggestions 1:

    Remember the Pastaover and keep it holy. His noodly apendages protect thee...for he shed his sauce for you.

    Ha! Good for him.
    But this is really the kiddy form of atheism. They're like "vegetarians" that still eat chicken and fish.

    he's either atheist or not. wasting everyone's time

    looks like the strainer I got from ikea hahahah

    This comment was deemed inappropriate and has been moderated.

    Hurrah! Good on you Niko - I'ts dedicated people like you that spread the word about pastafarianism. I have been a follower for some time now and further the cause whenever I can.

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