Paraplegic Built DIY Lift For His Apartment Building

When Dmitry Bibikow, a paralysed 32-year-old man from Russia, bought his apartment, the building owners promised to build a lift for him. They lied. Dmitry waited six years and with no lift in sight, decided to build his own.

Because of bureaucracy or ineptitude or deceit or whatever happens that make people go back on their word, the local council never built Dmitry his lift. Dmitry, who lived on the fifth floor of the apartment, said:

"Living on the fifth floor without a lift was a nightmare because I couldn't get in or out of the block without someone's help. It was like being in a prison—so I decided to sort it out myself."

So with the help of some of his friends, Dmitry put together a basic chair lift that allowed him to scale the side of his building. It looks exceedingly bare bones - a few ropes and handles at best - but the lift can be controlled electronically and Dmitry claims that he can even beat people to the fifth floor. Take that, you stupid liars who didn't build the lift for him. See you at the top, baby. [Daily Mail]

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