Panasonic’s DMC-FZ48 Has Manual Control When Shooting Video, Faux-3D Photo Mode

Panasonic’s DMC-FZ48 Has Manual Control When Shooting Video, Faux-3D Photo Mode

Falling into that grey “bridge” area of cameras Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-FZ48 (or FZ-48 in Europe) has a massive 24x optical zoom, and a 25mm wide-angle lens which records full HD video. So far, so goodish.

When shooting video on the FZ47, users will have full manual control over the options, thanks to the new Creative Control suite. It has a 12.1MP sensor, and 3-inch LCD screen on the back. Full details can be garnered in the press release below, on both the FZ47 and the lower-spec’d LS5, which has a 14.1MP sensor and 26mm lens with 5x optical zoom. The FZ47 is on sale in August for $US400, whereas the LS5’s price will be revealed when it goes on sale in November. [Panasonic]


Panasonic introduces new Super-Zoom Digital Camera LUMIX DMC-FZ48 featuring High Quality 24x Optical Zoom Lens[1]and Full HD Video Recording

This summer, Panasonic is pleased to welcome a new addition to its award winning range of LUMIX cameras, DMC-FZ48, boasting a powerful 24 x optical zoom and attractive options including manual operation, full-HD video recording capability and new Creative Control with Miniature Effect mode.

With a 25mm ultra wide angle lens and 3.0-inch Intelligent LCD, which now has 460,000-dot high resolution to dramatically improve visibility during recording and playback, the FZ48 offers exceptional creative freedom – perfect for beginners through to serious photographers

Outstanding Image Quality

The high quality 25mm ultra wide-angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens benefits from Panasonic’s Black Box Nano Surface Coating technology, to minimize light reflection that causes ghost and flare. Whilst the powerful 24x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 25-600mm) makes it easy to capture family or group portraits as well as expansive landscapes or action packed sports shots.

The lens unit comprising of 14 elements in 10 groups, including 3 ED lenses and 2 aspherical lenses with 3 aspherical surfaces, ensures an outstandingly compact body while passing Leica’s stringent standards to deliver exceptional optical performance, suppressing distortion at wide end and colour bleeding at tele end.

Superb Clearness

The DMC-FZ48 features advanced image processing LSI, the Venus Engine FHD, and intelligent resolution to assure high picture quality in both photo and video recording. With Intelligent Resolution technology, 3 areas – outlines, detailed texture areas and soft gradation areas – are automatically detected and the camera performs optimum processing to each, to give the whole image outstanding natural clarity, down to even the finest details. Taking advantage of this feature, the 24x optical zoom power is increased to 32x equivalent with the Intelligent Zoom function, maintaining picture quality even when using the digital zoom.

Never missing the moment is the key to photography. The DMC-FZ48 boasts a Sonic Speed AF and a quick start-up time which helps give the camera super high speed response which helps to catch even the most fleeting photo opportunities. The accuracy and the speed of AF Tracking are also dramatically improved.

Capturing those priceless memories, whether they’re still images or moving footage, is no problem for the FZ48. Empowered by a 12.1-megapixel Hi-Speed CCD sensor, Panasonic’s new super zoom camera is compatible with high-speed, large-capacity signal processing required for 1920 x 1080 full-HD video recording in AVCHD and high speed continuous shooting.

Creative Photography

For more artistic freedom, manual control is available with the new FZ48. Each user can capture their intended images not only in photo but also in video, by utilising a host of options including the new Creative Control or Photo Style with a wide variety of preset options.

Making Photography Easy

[2] , which helps prevent blurring from handshake even in low-lit situations like indoors or at night. With AF tracking, the FZ48 can lock onto any subject and keep it in focus even if it moves – making it easy to get beautiful, clear shots. The Intelligent Scene Selector automatically switches to the appropriate mode according to the subject. Human faces are captured in focus using appropriate exposure with the Face Detection, whilstunwanted red-eyes are corrected digitally. The Intelligent ISO Control reduces motion blur by adjusting the ISO sensitivity and optimising the shutter speed if the subject moves as the shot is taken. Intelligent D-range Control optimises the lighting of each part of an image, preventing blocked shadows and blown highlights. These features can all be accessed simply by activating the iA mode, giving users the confidence to capture clear, beautiful, mistake-free photos with ease.Everyone wants to take eye-catching images at the click of a button, which is why Panasonic developed the Intelligent Auto mode. This includes POWER O.I.S (Optical Image Stabiliser) and the Motion Deblur mode

All new memories in 3D

The newly added 3D Photo mode produces a realistic 3D image from 20 consecutive images shot whilst panning left to right. The 3D image can be viewed on VIERA 3D HDTV or other MPO-compatible 3D equipment such as TV, Digital Photo Frame or Printing.

Share your Images Effortlessly

Thanks to the LUMIX Image Uploader, you can easily keep your friends and family up-to-date with your latest images by simply check-marking the photos you want to share and connecting the camera to a PC. Just follow the on-screen guidance. You can even add comments and let your family know the update of your album via email. Facebook (for photos) and YouTube (for movies) can also be used without installation of special software – perfect for sharing those special holiday snaps with your friends – you can even share them while you’re still away if you wish!

From outdoor events to indoor photograph, the DMC-FZ48 powerfully supports recording those spur-of-the-moment memories in high quality photo and video.

Introducing the Smart and Easy 14.1-Megapixel Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LS5

Featuring O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) and iA (Intelligent Auto) mode

Taking pictures has never been so simple as Panasonic introduces the new 14.1-megapixel LUMIX DMC-LS5 featuring a high quality 26mm wide angle lens with 5x optical zoom (35mm camera equiv. 26-130mm) plus Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S) and Intelligent Auto mode.

Offering superb image quality the 14.1-megapixel LS5 benefits from a high quality 26mm wide angle LUMIX DC VARIO lens with F2.8 brightness, helping to capture clear images even in dimly lit situations.

The most frequent cause of mis-shot is handshake, and that is why O.I.S. is central to all LUMIX cameras. The O.I.S. is renowned for its high correction performance against blur caused by a hand-shake and compensates effectively without deterioration of image quality.

In addition to O.I.S, the popular and powerful shooting assist mode iA (Intelligent Auto) also helps users to utilise other convenient features – Intelligent Scene Selector automatically selects whichever of 5 Scene Modes — Macro, Portrait, Scenery, Night Portrait, Night Scenery — that best suits the shooting situation. Human faces are captured in focus with appropriate exposure and with Face Detection the camera can also correct unwanted red-eye digitally[i] .

The new LS5 can also record stunning HD movie in 1280 x 720p at a smooth 30 fps and thanks to bundled software, PHOTOfunSTUDIO,video and photo memories can easily be shared via Facebook or YouTube.

Running on AA batteries, the DMC-LS5 offers any entry-level user comfort and satisfaction a step above. Pursuing ultimate ease of operation, functions are simplified but the LS5 still performs to the high standards expected from a LUMIX compact camera.