Pac-Man Swimsuit Has All The Power Pellets In The Wrong Places

There's no much else wrong about this $US90 Pac-Man swimsuit, really. It makes me go all waka waka waka. [Blackmilk via Buzzfeed]


    Oh dear... How is he able to walk without his toe? I refer, of course, to the poor camel, wherever he may be...

      Dude, you're staring 'really hard' if you can see any amount of camel toe worth your post.

    The swimsuit is nice, but I'm more taken aback by the fact that this asian model is blonde. A very nice mix up ;)

    i want. swimsuit is nice too

    ha-ha, nice swim suit. now Pacman can eat her box : P

    (don't bother approving this comment just have a laugh : P )

    hahaha I never thought I would see blackmilk on here!

      This is the second time Black Milk has been on Gizmodo/Kotaku. The first time was for another older piece which he no longer makes. I know the designer quiet well and can highly recommend his work.

      Anyone wondering his clothing line is called Black Milk. Link is in the post.

    anyone know the link to buy this? my missus would look slick in it :P

    anyone know who the model is?

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