Optus’ Supersonic $5.26 Million Fine Over Broadband Ads

Optus’ Supersonic $5.26 Million Fine Over Broadband Ads

This is the consumer watchdog’s biggest fine yet, and cheers to that. Seriously, is misleading customers standard practice at Optus? They’ve already been spanked over cap plans and the misuse of “unlimited”, and now they’ve been taken to task over those “Supersonic” and “Think Bigger” Ads.

Optus launched these campaigns in April and August 2010, respectively. However, a Federal Court previously found that Optus hadn’t clearly explained that those who went over the peak (or off-peak) data allowances would have their connections shaped to 64kbps. Not exactly supersonic.

ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel sums the matter up nicely:

This decision sends the clear message that misleading consumers is not a legitimate business strategy… The entire telecommunications industry needs to sit up and take notice.”