Olympus Still Doesn't Like Your Mobile Phone Photography


    I think these ads are hilarious. At the very least, they are being talked about, so they're a success on that front.

    Awesome ad! Phone cameras are only good for a quick snap. It's all about the lens, and phones just don't have the ability for a decent photo, even though it is 5+ megapixel advertised. Even a $200 digi-cam have better lenses than phones. A good quality picture always require a decent camera, no contest.
    Having said that though, i still use my bloody phone camera most of the time, out of convenience, aaargh!

    True, this is why I'm not keen on the iPhone 5/4S having an 8MP sensor. Same sensor size but more MP? Great, lower quality photos. No thanks. I'll go back to my DSLR for real shots.

    Glass*(sensor+processing)=image quality. DSLR, m4/3 and other mirrorless systems give you the best quality, but (for P&S photography) there is at least one phone that pretty much makes compact digicams redundant: http://thehandheldblog.com/2010/10/04/shootout-nokia-n8-v-canon-550d-dslr/

    i just think people take cooking far too seriously.

    Yes, I agree, Olympus, Dedicated cameras ARE bulky items that are time consuming and inconvenient, which is why everyone opted for the noodles, don't cry, instant noodles didn't send food producers broke and you won't go broke either, if you do it's because of your own incompetence.

    Rock on olympus.

    Cant argue with the shots out of my LX5 compared to my iPhone!

    Off all my cameraphil friends, not one reccomend olympus, thats funny

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