NFC Payments On Your iPhone Are Easy With This Unnecessary Hack

So you want to use NFC to make a quick payment at the gas station. No problem! All you have to do is crack your iPhone open and stick your Tap & Pay card under the battery. Wait a second...

While calling it a "hack" might be a stretch, the idea does get points for being really simple on paper. Taking off the iPhone 4's back panel is easy (with the right tools), and if you have a Tap & Pay card from banks like Bank of America or Citibank, you can literally just stick the card on the battery and be on your way.

But why? What's the rush? NFC just isn't popular enough yet to justify potentially damaging your card or phone by Frankenstein-ing the two together. Meanwhile, there are, like, three noteworthy phones on the market that have chips built-in, and Google Wallet hasn't been rolled out to the masses yet. All told, this is a little too much effort to jump on the bandwagon. [Unplggd]

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