New York Hospital Replaces ID Cards With Vein Scanners

Langone Medical centre in New York is streamlining the hospital check-in process with specialised scanners from Fujitsu that recognise the unique vein pattern of your palm.

With these scanners, there's no need to flash your insurance card or fill out long forms when you enter the hospital. You don't even have to be conscious.

Each scan is saved as numeric code and tied to your medical record, but it's not stored with the record. So relax, voyeuristic hospital personnel can't ogle your beautiful blood vein patterns.

Besides efficiency, the hospital hopes these scanners will reduce medical errors which is a good thing. These mistakes cause almost 100,000 deaths and cost the medical profession almost $US20 billion each year. [Reuters; Shutterstock/ Tatiana Popova]

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    Awesome idea. Until they unleash the interns who will then progressively destroy every decent vein on the patient's body with incompetent cannulation, and rob them of their identity. By the way, it's true, we do get voyeuristic on good veins.

      Hey, they have to learn some how. It doesn't exactly help that (from my experience anyway) interns are expected to get cannulas in by whatever means possible.

    Dr Stu....let us Paramedics cannulate the patients then, we can do it in the back of an ambulance at 100kph with uncanny accuracy :))

    Everyone knows dont let the interns anywhere near your vein - another Paramedic who was in Hospital with an ahem.. plumbing problem... (story confirmed) had an intern push the cannula all the way through the back of his hand - came out the other side - yikes!

    Dr. Stu: You are either a fake doctor, or a dumb one; the very act of cannulation, even when done well, will destroy veins over time. Don't believe me? Go ask any patient who has been in hospital repeatedly.

    And if I had to guess, I'd say you're one of those holier-than-thou anaesthetic pricks that think the OR is their own kingdom.

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