Never-Before-Seen 3D Photos Of The Titanic Surface

Never-Before-Seen 3D Photos Of The Titanic Surface

Last year, a team of scientists set out on an expedition to examine the Titanic wreckage. The photographs were revealed in court last week to be the highest-quality of their kind ever taken.

These are merely a handful of the 3D images taken by the submersibles sent down to the ship. Every inch of the remains were captured, as well as the entire 4.8km by 8km wreck site. All the images will be assembled for the public someday, both to help scientists figure out what happened to the ship as it sank as well as for patrons to marvel at.

This first image is of one of the lifeboat cranes used to lift lifeboats over the side of the ship.

This is doomed Captain Smith’s bathtub. It gave him the choice of hot and cold water, as well as salt and freshwater.

These are two windows from First Class. I wonder if the people inside made it.

And this shows off the port side of the bow section. And all of these are just frozen in time under 3km of ocean. [The Atlantic]

Photo: AP Photo/RMS Titanic