Mother Arrested After Not Wanting Her Daughter To Get Groped By TSA

A mother and daughter's trip was put on major hold this past Saturday after the mum, 41-year-old Andrea Fornella Abbott, was arrested for throwing a fit with the TSA. Given the organisation's track record for "inspecting" kids, wouldn't you?

Abbott and her daughter were trying to get up to Baltimore from Nashville International Airport when it all went down. You can probably blame bad PR on the TSA's part because there isn't much indicating they wanted to inappropriately touch Abbot's daughter or grab her crotch. Only to send them both through their less-invasive body scanner. But Abbott wouldn't back down, and was charged with disorderly conduct before being jailed.

Man, I almost feel bad for the TSA when things blow up like this. Almost. [The Tennessean]

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