Most Hipsters Don't Know Why They Celebrate The Fourth Of July

In case you didn't know, the Fourth of July isn't about booze and explosives. It has a historic meaning that celebrates one of the biggest events in the life of the US.

Yes, I am looking at you - Mr twentysomething hipster with your skinny jeans and tumblr blog. You may know your way around the internet but a third of you (33 per cent) don't know that the US declared independence from Great Britain and two-thirds (69 per cent) don't know that this happened in 1776.

Don't worry, your elders can help you out. Over 70 per cent of 50-year olds knew that America's founding fathers revolted against the British and 75 per cent knew this happened in 1776. If you want to keep up your cool reputation, you may want to seek out this older generation and get schooled on some history before you embarrass yourself again next year. [Marist Poll via NewsFeed]


    what does this have to do with hipsters or anything at all.

    shouldn't this just be aimed at everyone who doesn't know anything about it?

    Should this be aimed at the .com and not the

    What...? I thought Britain was an American colony...??

    Pretty sure 4th July is the day Will Smith saved America from alien invasion.

      @Joe Magic - I thought so too!

        I think Will Smith is a pretty cool guy.

        Eh kills aleins.


          ehehe... ehe... ehehe... I see what you did there. An I'm likin' it.

    I thought 4th July was when Americans celebrated Russia's victory over the French in 1812...

    who even needs a reason to drink anyway

    This has nothing to do with hipsters.

    1. Not really anything to do with hipsters;
    2. Although it's an important thing in history, and certainly not 'only important for Americans', not sure of the relevance here?
    3. Do some people SERIOUSLY not know? God, I'm an Aussie and I at least knew it's when America gained independence from the British, and it was 1776. And Washington was leading them, right?
    I mean God, for someone who lives in the country to not know that... they should be kicked out.

      They didn't actually gain independence until the war ended in 1783.

      The American war of independence started a year before in 1775.

      The continental congress voted on July 2nd to cede from the commonwealth and become independent.

      The 4th is the day Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence was distributed publicly to let the people know the reasons behind the congressional decision.

      The written document also seems to have been post-dated (occasionally) when signed, since some signatories were not in Philadelphia on the 4th and some not even elected to the congress at that point.

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