Monster CleanTouch Pen: Great Cleaning, Weak With Fingerprints

I never used those spray screen cleaners because you need a cleaning cloth for them to work. I would always lose those! The Monster CleanTouch Pen combines the screen-cleaning solution and cleaning cloth in one pen-sized nub.


It's the most convenient way to clean a touchscreen because all the tools are in one bottle. Dousing the screen with solution is as easy as drawing lines with a pen and the cleaning cloth is on the pen's body for quick and easy drying. If you're one of those obsessive types about clean screens, the CleanTouch gets your phone from grimey to gleaming the fastest. It feels good again! There's no spraying, no sticky fingers, no careful wax on, wax off motion - just swipey wipey fun. My iPhone and iPad look like they've regained their cherry sparkle.

No Like

It claims to add a microthin coating on your screen to resist fingerprints but I didn't notice that at all. Also you have to ask yourself: what's the point? The moment you use your phone again it's going to get smudgey. As well as the CleanTouch pen works (and it does!), it's not gonna change the fact that we have icky oil on our fingers and our phones and pads have icky oil-loving glass.

Monster CleanTouch Pen, $US25. Good for 100 uses.

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