Mithril Jacket Made From Kevlar, Meant To Last A Lifetime

Kevlar, the synthetic bullet-blocking material, has been used to create a softshell jacket for the first time. Called the Mithril Kevlar Jacket, the jacket is supposed to last forever no matter what sort of beating it took.

If Mithril sounds familiar, it's because the jacket was named after the lifesaving chainlink shirt Frodo wore in Lord of the Rings. The Kevlar adds about 50 per cent more weight to the jacket (Kl├Ąttermusen makes a non-Kevlar version of the same jacket but SNOOZE ON THAT) and is supposed to be slightly warmer when worn.

For outdoorsmen, the Mithril Kevlar jacket is wind resistant, water repellant and super duper tough when it comes to climbing, hiking, biking, falling, scraping and any other nasty spills you get yourself into. So though its softshellness makes it not bulletproof, it's essentially outdoor proof. Approximately $US518. [Klattermusen via The Gearcaster]

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