Microsoft Sorry For Tweet Cashing In On Amy Winehouse's Death

Amy Winehouse's music isn't my cup of tea, but yeah: too soon Microsoft, too soon. The UK Xbox PR team learned an important lesson in taste and tact overnight after a tweet encouraging people to "remember Amy Winehouse" by downloading her album at

As you'd expect, many fans labelled the cash in as crass, and the Microsoft flacks quickly apologised (see below). Police still don't know the cause of Winehouse's passing, but aren't treating it as suspicious. [AFP]



    Apple had a similar thing up pretty soon, they just didn't tweet it. What's the difference?

    wtf is it with this gay advertising everywhere now giz.. not cool, not cool at all

      Off topic, but "gay advertising"? I am seeing ads for a phone. I don't think phones have a sexual orientation.

        It's the advertisement for the gay rights movement and two blokes kissing. I agree too much...

          what are you guys talking about? where are the adds?

          oh right, i use add blocker and dont see them *smacks self in head*

            What's the problem? You see breeders making out all over the place...

          And F*ck off too, homophobic douche.

          You're complaining about ads for human rights?


      It's called AdBlock bro, get with the times....

      "Gay" Advertising, i dont see any of that and dont understand how its gay. Its a digital article about microsoft and a tweet.

        turn off add blocker if you want to see it

          how do i do that? and why?

      Pretty sure the ads are served up based on your browsing history...

      Why are you complaining about the ads for McDonalds Chicken Nuggets? Wtf is wrong with you man

    LOL Whats with all this poor Amy Winehouse shit I keep hearing every where. A druggo OD'ed, shock horror. May aswell make some money out of it while you can.

    What's Apple's excuse then? I didn't even see microsofts tweet, but saw a huge ad on iTunes and I was like whoa... Too soon.

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