Lunchtime Deal: iiNet Customers Get Free 3 Month FetchTV Trial

This could be interesting if you're an iiNet subscriber and seek a Foxtel alternative. The Fetch box can be returned obligation free — just don't forget to do so within the trial period. Unfortunately, you'll have to pay and then get credited back for box rental (ugh), though having to pay for pay-per-view movies is fair enough. [iiNet via Whirlpool and Lifehacker]

• After the three-month offer period, the standard subscription costs for the package will apply for the 21 months remaining on the contract. Fetch2 costs just $29.95 per month and Fetch1 costs just $19.95 per month • The fetchtv service can be returned obligation free at any time during the three month offer period. After month three the following cancellation fees apply: 4-6 Months = $430; 7-12 Months = $310; 13-18 Months = $190; 19-24 Months = $60 • All other broadband and hardware costs will still apply • For the first three months the subscription fees will be credited back to you on a monthly basis. Cancellation fees within the 3 month trial period will be credited back to you • This offer only applies to the set top box rental option and excludes set top box purchase options • Offer excludes pay-per-view movie rentals and the addition of any and all FetchTV add on packages • Offer ends August 31 2011 • All other iiNet standard Terms & Conditions apply as set out in the following Customer Relations Agreement

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