Leaked AMD Roadmap Has A 10-Core Desktop CPU For 2012

Man, we're still waiting for FX-Series chips with up to 8 'Bulldozer' cores to finally arrive, but if you believe the slide after the jump, next year's 'Komodo' desktop CPUs will have up to 10 'Piledriver' (aka enhanced Bulldozer) cores. Spiffy!

That could mean a short life for socket AM3+, as the leaked "Corona" platform will use a new FM2 package and feature the Hudson D4 chipset supporting four USB 3.0 ports and 8 SATA 6Gps ports. The revamped 32nm Komodo CPUs will have AMD's Turbo Core 3.0, which will improve on this year's Bulldozer chips with Turbo Core 2.0. [Zol.com.cn via VR-Zone]

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    hopefully some of these chips will work on AM3+

    AM3's had a pretty good run. By the time I get around to upgrading my old dual-core AMD, these will probably be cheap as chips. Crysis? Pfah... see how it handles Supreme Commander!

    But AM3+ has just come out, people like me are considering purchasing this to run bulldozer.


    Sweet, 10 cores. One for each finger

    The better educated people among us know that this is not really newsworthy. AMD has a better CPU-GPU link than Intel, but cannot yet match it for performance per CPU-cycle nor performance per watt.

    Then there is the problem of third parties: hardware, firmware & software producers - who generally are several months behind the CPU manufacturers.

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