Le_rn Ru__ian _ith C_ossw_rd P_zzl_s With Language Coach

The next time Russia invades the Mid West, Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen won't be there to save us so it's a damn good idea to brush up on your Cyrillic now and avoid the rush.

Learn Russian with Crossword Puzzles by Jourist Verlags GmbH eases the mind-numbing tedium of vocabulary memorisation by incorporating the words into crossword puzzles - because nothing makes learning foreign words easier than omitting most of their letters and giving you hints.

Enter your answers using the standard 33-character mobile Cyrillic keypad. Once you do solve one of the 2000 available words, it's pronounced by native speaker, then revealed to help with the remaining puzzle.

Learn Russian with Crossword Puzzles, part of the six-language Learn with Crossword Puzzles series, is available for iOS 3.0+ as well as Android 1.6+ and retails for $5.99 from iTunes or $4 from the Android Marketplace.

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