Landslides Destroy Everything In South Korea's Path

The torrential rains in South Korea have set off flash floods and landslides throughout the country, killing 41 people and sending 12 missing. It's horrible out there, and with landslides like the one above it's hard to feel safe.

Officials have said damage to South Korea's capital Seoul and surrounding areas will total up to hundreds of millions of dollars (25 million in car damage alone). Around 4500 South Korean citizens have been forced out of their homes with many houses out of power.

It's nuts, the 19.5 inches of rain that has poured itself over the region since Tuesday is South Korea's worst rain in over a century. Just seeing the destruction, the swamped cars, the flooded houses and watching the landslide destroy, smash and envelope everything in their path is heartbreaking. It's too much.

The world has had enough disasters this year. Follow the coverage at Daily Mail.

Image: EPA

Image: AP

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