Kogan Plans 10-inch Tablet By Christmas, Exploring Wi-Fi HDTVs

Ruslan Kogan says the Aussie electronics maker is looking into Wi-Fi enabled TVs, partly as a response to rival brands, but mostly because that's what customers want. "I've criticised 3D in the past, but our customers said they want it — on our site and on Facebook — so we released a 3D model. We're listening…and we hope to make products people want."

I had a chat with Ruslan today, and he also mentioned he also uses Google Insight analytics to monitor search terms and gauge interest in technologies. That's a smart approach when you're competing with giant multinationals who can market new features and create demand.

There's no time frame on the Wi-Fi TV side of things yet, but Kogan did say the tablet will definitely arrive before Christmas. He says it will have a higher resolution screen compared to Kogan's 7-inch tablet - but likely run Android 2.3.x instead of Honeycomb, as Google still demands licensing fees.

As for other products coming down the pipeline: more coffee machines — "Australians love coffee more than the Italians."

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