Japan's Buying And Burning All The Radioactive Beef It Can Find

Japan's nuclear beef problem is getting worse. Bloomberg reports over 1200 caesium-tainted cows have been detected - double the initial estimate. And their meat's already been eaten around Japan. The solution? Buy it and incinerate it.

The Japanese government's declared all beef surpassing the "allowable limit" of caesium contamination will be purchased and destroyed. So that's good!

But it's not enough. Caesium's isotopes - the Fukushima-spread 137 in particular - are very, very nasty. They stay in your system, and take a long time to degrade. This can mean cancer. Given the government's spotty (and irresponsible) record of making their "safe limits" somewhat arbitrary in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, we'd hope they'd err heavily on the side of caution when it comes to destroying this toxic meat. Tracking down the tainted cows (and the caesium-laced hay they chomped on) won't be easy, but it could mean sparing the meat-eating Japanese population exposure to some very, very nasty stuff. [via Kyodo News]

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