Japanese Nuclear Emergency Director: You Have No Right To A Radiation-Free Life

This footage, from a recent meeting of indignant Japanese citizens and feckless Japanese government types should be a little shocking. Sadly, it's just more of the same - ineptitude and inaction. By denying the right to avoiding radiation? OK, shocking.

The Tokyo meeting was meant to broach the push to expand the evacuation zone around Fukushima - a zone that's proven inadequately and dangerously narrow. One Fukushima resident asks, "As other people do, people in Fukushima have the right to avoid the radiation exposure and live a healthy life, too. Don't you think so?"

A Nuclear Safety Commission Of Japan rep, when pushed to go beyond his canned non-answer, deadpans "I don't know if they have that right." The crowd reacts as you would expect when told they nuclear-threatened welfare isn't a concern. After being jeered at by the understandably outraged audience, and ignoring requests to test the radioactive content of young residents' urine, the government panel packed up and left.

If you could compress the past four months' anxiety, tension, crisis, inaction, confusion and stifled anger into one meeting room, you'd produce the above, this smouldering radioactive diamond of national failure. [via Boing Boing]



    I bet he and his family don't live there or have any plans to move there in the near future...hope some heads roll for that

    They don't have a right to avoid radiation, they're just trying to claim one, I suspect, because they feel victimised and worried by the whole situation.

    They should be suing the pants off of TEPCO, not nagging the government for its inability to put someone else's toothpaste back in the tube.

      Basically, this. The right to claim for damages from TEPCO's failure is not the same as a right to live in a non-radioactive place.

      When your government decides to allow nuclear power plants it also has an obligation to ensure that its own monitoring of the private enterprise operations are adequate. Also It is also not acceptable for any government to leave people in a situation where environmental contamination is putting their health at risk so yes they do have a right to expect proper care from their government.

        The Japanese Govt decided to use nuclear power - with encouragement from the US government.

        TEPCO is a government created utility following Government policy.

        The Government policy has since been led by TEPCO and members of the 'nuclear village'.

        The Government is as responsible as TEPCO for the situation.

        The law says that TEPCO has limited liability for accidents, and GE has none. The Govt has accepted the major share of liability by passing laws to make it that way.

        The Government is legally required to run the emergency response.

        TEPCO is a corrupt and evil company but the Government still has the liability.

      Did you know the NRC have set a maximum for the amount of damage they need to pay out from a nuclear accident; and its not anywhere going to be enough to evacuate and compensate for the damaged property and shattered life, let alone the years of medical expense that's caused by the radiation.

    Seems the Jap Gov has the same attitude as the Yanks back on August 6, 1945...!!

    Doesn't everything have natural radiation in it anyway? There's no right to avoid radiation if you're going to get it by eating banana's.

      There's a difference between being exposed to minute amounts of radiation, such as that from Potassium-40, which is found in bananas, which will have no noticeable effect on life, and that of a nuclear meltdown, which is lethal at nearly any dose.

      I just want to say that anyone who believes bananas are radioactive are blind and ignorant. You believe what other people tell you to be fact and never look beyond these assumptions. Get a geiger and test a banana yourself and find that no part of it whether peeled, sliced, smashed, or otherwise emits any type of radiation. Whoever or whichever organization perpetuated that lie wanted people to believe that nuclear byproducts were as harmless as a banana. I say this without prejudice :D I'll check the next time I go to the supermarket for a surgeoun general warning stamped on bananas "May cause cancer, do not ingest while pregnant"

      Why don't you go and help clean up the Daiichi Plant. I'm sure they'll pay you top dollars.

    He's right and its not shocking under objective analysis. If your countries people has allowed a dependence on an energy source as great as Japans is and knowing full well the nature of radiation it is actually ridiculous to demand a right of freedom from it. What the Gizmodo journalist has assumed is that the question was "Do we have right to be free from very harmful amounts" That was not the question.

      That "was" the question. The topic was radiation from Fukushima, not normal background radiation. You need to take into account the topic at hand.

      I'm pretty sure the people hadn't factored in a bloody big wave, kicking the crap out of the big boxee radiation making thingamajigs!!

      Just because gun is legal in the US that doesn't mean you are not liable for shooting someone accidentally with your gun, even if it just happened to drop on the floor and gone off on its own.

    Man I hate how theres alway Maccas adds at lunch time. We don't have a Maccas anywhere near us. Soooo hungry.

    These people have a right to be protected under the civil system they pay for as taxpayers. Some were evacuated. Others were not after the govt. decided it was expensive and inconvenient to evacuate a huge portion of that region. The disaster quickly got out of hand. Instead of acting and helping people they feed them a bunch of BS. These people are living in highly radioactive areas that are unsafe, even more so for children. They can't evacuate without help as they will have nowhere to go and likely lose jobs by leaving if they have not already. You have to have somewhere to go and at least a means of basics like food. These people need an evacuation order, compensation and a place to go.

    Simply and elusively denying right for safety. But I bet the UN will do nothing - using same tactics - to enforce this basic human right.

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