It's OK To Stare Because This Swimsuit Model Is Saving The Earth

If there's one problem plaguing the environment these days it's discarded, non-recyclable bikinis. They're awful! Plugging up landfills and taking eons to biodegrade. Utterly unacceptable. But not this bikini. This one is special.

Special because it's completely compostable. So is the other one. The one that looks like a fig leaf.

Moving on...the bikinis are the work of "eco-luxury" designer Linda Loudermilk. She created the suits using as little plant starch as possible, because these are bikinis, and they by their nature are wonderfully minimalist in their approach to modesty.

The total decomposition time is about 180 days once the suit is buried in the ground, and it won't start until then (swim away!). Better still, Loudermilk promises the suit would be cheap enough to simply throw away when you're done with it at the end of the season. To repay Loudermilk for her ambitious effort, here's some free advertising copy:

Saving the world, one two-piece at a time.

Print it! [Linda Loudermilk via Ecouterre via DVICE]

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