iSwifter Wants To Replace Flash With HTML5 On Your Mac

I've really started to hate Flash. It either slows down or breaks everything on my PC. So Mac users should be happy to hear that iSwifter, the app that lets iOS users play with Flash content, could soon be replacing Flash on their computers.

Macs don't ship with Flash pre-installed anymore, and iSwifter could step in to potentially keep it off your computer. The company plans on offering it through the Mac App store as an alternative browser with the same functionality as the iPad app. That is, it'll simply take Flash sites and content, retool them on the iSwifter servers, and funnel it back to you in HTML5.

But is it a viable alternative? Probably not. You have to pay $US4.99 on the iPad already, which is fine since Flash just doesn't run on it. A Mac running Lion will run into compatibility issues with Flash, sure, but Adobe is already working on the matter. Is paying to avoid it for good really worth it for you? [CNET, TUAW]

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