Interoffice Email Reveals Cops’ Bra Sizes

Interoffice Email Reveals Cops’ Bra Sizes

Good idea: measuring police officers for bulletproof vests, so that the gear fits correctly and protects them from injury. Bad idea: sending those measurements out in a mass email. Unfortunately, the Indianapolis Police Department did both.

According to WTSP (via NY Daily News), the department compiled a spreadsheet of the sizes of 91 officers, including the “bra size, height and weight” of 13 women whose vests would need special alteration. Then somebody accidentally attached the spreadsheet to an email sent around to 37 commanders at the department, who now all know the cup sizes of some of their officers. Several women have, understandably, complained, and although it’s not clear who actually sent the email, Department Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham has apologised:

We made a mistake. We want to hold ourselves to the highest professional standards. The measurements should not have been included.

The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police is looking into legal action. Says president William Owensby, “There is some legitimacy to the embarrassment about this.” Well, yeah. It’s already hard enough to be a cop with breasts, without all your coworkers knowing exactly what size they are. And the story is a reminder that sizing information is a privacy issue, and should be treated accordingly.

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