Internode Will Force Some Customers Onto New Broadband Plans

When Internode adjusted its broadband prices a couple of weeks back (including slashing the $60 Easy Naked plan from 150GB to 30GB per month), they weren't yet sure if some users would be forced to move across to the new new plans. Some will be, and here's who's affected.

First, the good news: if you're still in your initial contract period, you won't receive a plan change notice, though you probably will when your contract ends.

If you do get a notice, you'll have 30 days notice to change your plan, or accept by taking no action. If you're pissed off and want to leave, Internode won't charge you an early termination as you'll already be out of your contract period.

Easy Naked S (150GB):

"Notified customers on this plan will see an increase in price of $10 per month with no change to other plan terms and conditions.

In particular, the plan will otherwise operate exactly the same as it already does, and it won’t automatically gain the bundled VoIP proposition inherent in the new Easy Naked plans.

Customers are welcome, instead, to move to any of the new Easy Naked plans to take advantage of the bundled NodePhone VoIP plan (including $10 worth of call credit per month) that comes with those new plans."

Easy Reach 60 and SOHO Reach 60:

Existing Easy Reach 60 and SOHO Reach 60 customers who are notified will be moved to the new form of this plan with its new conditions on bundling eligibility and non-bundled pricing. The specific financial impact of this change for each existing Easy Reach 60 and SOHO Reach 60 customer (based on their location and bundling status) will be explained on the notification delivered to each customer concerned.

Easy Reach 200 and SOHO Reach 200:

Notified customers using Easy Reach 200 and SOHO Reach 200 will be moved to the new Easy Reach 100GB plan.

Internode Easy Broadband (IEB) Classic and IEB Version 2 (plans using Telstra Wholesale ports only):

Notified customers on these plans are to be moved to the new Easy Reach 60GB plan unless they choose an alternative plan. Customers on these plans who have been connected on ‘Agile’ ports will not be affected by this change.

More: [Internode]

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