iiNet’s BoB2 Combo Modem Finally Available

iiNet’s BoB2 Combo Modem Finally Available

After a few months of delays, the successor to iiNet’s popular all-in-one modem/router/VoIP device is finally available. Here’s what’s new.

Immediately apparent is the stylish updated design, but also new is a built-in answering machine, and the handset now has a full colour screen. It’s an ADSL2+ modem, router with 802.11n Wi-Fi, and handles VoIP.

Steve Harley, General Manager of iiNet Labs says “more than 4500 customers told us what they wanted from a modem router and BoB2 is the result.”

iiNet’s new Wireless Bridge was also developed in its own labs. The bridge sits between BoB routers and a FetchTV set-top box for high-def video streaming.

BoB2 costs $280 for either new or existing iiNet customers, and can also be picked up for $200 on a 24 month contract. The iiNet Wireless Bridge is $119 for a pair. [iiNet]