Icelanders Write The First Web Constitution, Trolls Surprisingly Get No Amendments

After what I'm sure was an enormous editorial process, Iceland finally finished drafting their constitution, the first ever to be written on the internet. And I am shocked to see that there is nary a dick pic in sight.

I mean, you can understand why this would be something of a feat. Letting people on Facebook handle something something as crucial to a functioning democracy as it constitution sounds nuts. But, somehow, they did it. You can have a look right here to see that it checks out pretty ok. It would seem that the economic collapse of 2008 really galvanised the people to put a solid effort in. Caturday be damned.

"What I learned is that people can be trusted," [said Katrin Oddsdottir, a lawyer who participated.]"We put all our things online and attempted to read, listen and understand and I think that made the biggest difference in our job and made our work so so so much better."

Naturally, there were a few requests from outsiders to "legalise marijuana" or "kill all capitalists," but that's pretty tame when you consider that, given the medium, Iceland could very well have ended up with Rebecca Black's Friday as the national anthem. [Google News]

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