I Want This BubbleScope 360 Degree iPhone Camera

"It's like Google Street View for your iPhone," explains Tom Lawton, the man behind Bubblescope, an idea that's been kicking around for years — and with a successful pitch on CrowdFunder — could finally arrive as an $AU100 iPhone accessory in September.

The accessory works with the BubblePix App to capture and share 360 degree stills and videos. You can see it at work in these videos, or swivel around other test images yourself at: bubblescope.com/examples.

The example images and video we have used in our pitch are captured by our pre-production sample…we know that these issues are resolvable so the bubbles from our final manufactured units will be crisp clean and beautiful! Our manufacturing pre-production units are in progress and we’ll publish some more examples from these as soon as we have them.

CrowdFunder is like a European Kickstarter, and on their pitch page, the team says they need to hit £10,000. They better get cracking, because they're only a quarter of the way there, and that competing 360 Degree Eyeball over on Kickstarter already has $120,000 funding! Of course, you could also just use a 360 panorama app, too. [CrowdFunder and BubbleScope via Pocket-Lint]

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