I Want Parmesan Pencil Shavings In My Salad

I'll get the bad news out with first: unfortunately only 500 sets of these parmesan pencils were made, and they're all sold out. But perhaps if we petition The Deli Garage, they'll magic new stock up out of thin air?

Designed to look just like pencils, the parmesan cheese is wrapped around what looks like coloured lead - but is actually different flavours, such as truffles, pesto and chilli. When using the bundled pencil sharpener, the shavings tumble into the food or dish you're making, taking some of the "lead" with them.

And that ruler on the back of the packaging? That shows you how many calories you'll ingest for every length of parmesan you consume. Dangerous, but on the whole, extremely tantalising. [Jazarah via MadTess via MotleyFood via OhGizmo]

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