HP TouchPad Hits Oz August 15: $599 (16GB); $699 (32GB)

That's about 6 weeks behind the US (which isn't too bad), though we'll be paying $100 more for each model, despite the high Australian dollar. Both 9.7-inch tablets are also Wi-Fi only — which won't help matters considering the 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 costs $580 and $690, respectively. Still, the TouchPad is about presenting a tablet alternative, and we're fans of its WebOS interface.

HP TouchPad
Price: $US500-$US600 16GB-32GB Wi-Fi
Screen: 9.7-inch, 1024x768
Processor and RAM: Dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, 1GB RAM
Storage: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB
Camera: Front: 1.3-megapixel webcam
Weight: 0.7kg
Battery: 6300mAh

As we said in our full HP Touchpad Review, WebOS' card interface and its "Synergy" feature — email/calendar/social network aggregation (see video) — definitely help the TouchPad stand out from the tablet pack. It's definitely a well built tablet, too — not overly light, but it feels smooth in the hand. Also of note: we're not geting the faster model (1.5GHz processor) just yet, though HP hasn't ruled it out at some point.

On the software front, HP will need more than roughly 300 tablet WebOS apps to really create gain traction. And hopefully the HP movie store may still come to Australia (you play your own files easily enough via HP Play in the meantime).

Many of you were waiting for local TouchPad pricing. Now we know — do you think you'll pick one up (exclusively from Harvey Norman), or are you holding out for one of those upcoming tablets rumoured to be just around the corner?



    So are we getting the fast model or the slow model ?

      Oh, yep, I did ask that. Not yet, but HP hasn't ruled it out at some point.

    For goodness sake. Morons... Read the papers this morning... PRICE FAIL... I will pick one of these up from the bargain bin for $200 off in a couple of months or just get it sent from the US now. Get it thru your stupid thick heads! There is no tablet market at the moment there is an IPad market and an IPad resale market. I researched Android tablets recently, extensively, with a lot of hands on. Not one came close to the IPad in useability and only one came close in terms of hardware. I refused to buy one for our in house developer because they are literally unmerchantable/unfinished crap and for that reason he is now developing for an IPad. The amazing thing was that it was also cheaper. I want one of these tablets... I am not going to pay more for it, or as much for it as an IPad... Do you hear that silence... You will hear it for a long time... Until the penny drops!

      I get all of my stuff for free so get to try them all. Nothing has replaced my ipad let alone my ipad2. The Samsung Galaxy 10.1v was the best of the android tablets, let me say that I really tried to like it, I lasted a whole month before I could not stand the crashing apps, lower quality apps, slower CPU and poor app management. The blackberry playbook is the only think that is second best but a distant second. High marks for OS and CPU speed, very low marks for poor avail of apps and no proper email client as I refuse to use a blackberry with it. HP is stupid if they think that price point will get them any business except for people with enough money to buy one out of pure interest. As if you would buy this over an ipad.

      It is all about the apps, not the device or the OS.

    Screw the Touch Pad, when are we getting the Pre!?

    Hats off to Big Windows. Spot on the money.

    P.S. Don't dump the crappy 1.2ghz versions on us either. The few who will have them will be HP employees. If anyone from HP ever reads Giz have a look at Steve's comment the first one. Straight up you think price points are a part of perception... Think about what Steve says... 1.2ghz is not slow in a tablet context... Well guess what... It is now because of the half arsed attempt at a launch in the US that dropped the 1.2ghz model on us and then 5 minutes later gave us a 1.5ghz model... Am I angry... You bet I am... I am sick to death of Apple out marketing... Well... Everyone... The market is 99% consumers and 1% their geeky(or tech savvy) friends. We might buy this stuff after the price has come down to experiment with and love with the eye of a tinkerer. We will, however, recommend Apple because we are sick to death of our friends and our friends, friends ringing us up about the stuff we recommended and not being able to get simple support for it without pulling out their credit card or having to listen to a jumped up salesman telling them it is someone elses issue. I could go on about this forever, however, I know that you are not listening and that is why you are failing and have once again failed here... Hope you have at least 500 of these bad boys in stock... because I want to be able to find one of the 490 or so that don't sell and are in a bargain bin for Christmas.

    HP - you've got all the signs of a colossal failure here - a device, priced almost identically to a well entrenched competitor, with lower specs, no 3G and an app store that looks positively anaemic in comparison even to the Windows Phone app availability.

    I agree - if we see 500 of these hit our shores, 490 will be available in the $10 bargain bins in a few months. HP has totally misunderstood the market here.

      I would posit that HP has totally misunderstood the market everywhere... Not just in Australia... Sorry for commenting too many times and too voluminously, however, if I can see this then anyone with an iota of marketing or business nouse should be able to see this... Keep in mind HP the people you are paying to market this product, for some unbeknownst reason are not seeing this... Think about that... In the all enveloping silence...

    10 points to Big Windows. I would NEVER pay more than an iPad. WAKE UP HP!

    You need to be $200-$300 under the iPad price. That HP feel they can charge $100+ premium despite the strong Australian dollar is just greed and stupidity.

    The only really exciting thing to look forward to is when the HP touchpad and the Blackberry Playbook are both in the $10 bin and I am deciding which to buy based on who will be a better frisbie.

    I think what a lot of people seem to be ignoring is that this is aimed at the corporate market, not the consumer market. I can't vouch for how much of a hit the HP device will be with corporates, but I do know that a lot of our corporate customers who jumped on the iPad bandwagon are now reissuing their users with more expensive (and less portable) devices as the iPads have proved to be a nightmare to support and manage.

    Perhaps this is more where HP are aiming at? The lack of apps may not be a disadvantage in the corporate market as they tend to get their own apps developed or run applications remotely (Citrix etc.). If there are only 500 apps available but half of them have a genuine business benefit, who cares if there are no equivalents to the tens of thousands of iPad apps?

      Excellent point and I must declare that I work in a small to medium sized business environment... So my experience with corporates is minimal. What space will this device fit into in the corporate landscape. It is a less portable device than the IPad and having been burnt with the Ipad and going back to less portable options... Might Apple have soured this market segment for HP also? If it is successful in a corporate setting I am quite happy to eat my words.

      I will add one more thing to this reply. In businesses that I deal with they are looking for a tablet in the warehouse and would genuinely like a good windows tablet. Having not seen the HP eco-system, nor the slate I wonder if windows 8 has piqued peoples interest and that it on a tablet might be the next tablet to get some market penetration.

      I can't see this. RIM is aiming for the corporate sector with their Playbook, and that name alone is usually enough for BB-diehards and entrenched institutions to go there.

      Plus HP's recent marketing campaign seem to indicate that they are indeed focusing on the consumer market but there's no way they can compete with Honeycomb, let alone the market leader iPad.

      I dont think its marketed at businesses any more than the iPad is. Both devices want to hit both the corporate and consumer markets.

    It's HP! Run Awayyyyyyyy!!!!!!

      Think I needed that Franz... And... It pretty much sums up how I feel at the mo.

    Not good value. With the equivalent Galaxy Tab 10.1 at $599 (without Sales Tax) and iPad at the same pricepoint, who are they fooling?

    It's not a horrible tablet, but they're expecting people to take a leap of faith with their platform instead of the known quantity of IOS/Honeycomb. If anything, they should have sweetened the deal.

      *$499 USD for equivalent 10.1 and $599 for the 32 GB version.

    So, the 16gb iPad is $579.
    The 16gb TouchPad is $599.

    Basically, the HP one is a WHOLE 20 bucks more.

    "OMG PRICE FAIL! 20 dollars?!?! What do they think we're made of?!"

    Seriously, get a grip people.

      You are in plain and simple terms completely correct. I, however, think there is a little more to that 20 bucks.
      - That 20 bucks implies that the HP touchpad is better than the IPad probably the old one as it is nowhere near the new one.
      - Apple pisses us off for overcharging on it's IPads so this is even more irritating.
      - I forgive the bulk of the touchpad because it offers the freedom of wireless charging and synching, however, that will probably cost more than $100 extra in Aus as well.
      - We are having the slower version dumped on us for that extra $20... and it is demonstrably slower at simple tasks, at times, than it should be.
      - At the recent media release it was amateur hour with not one good definitive reason for buying the product over any other tablet.
      At best HP is proving to be hopelessly amateurish with it's launch here after an equally shoddy launch in the US. In the end... You are right though 20 bucks is 20 bucks. Let me know what it is like when you buy yours. I might just wait awhile... Atleast until I am not being treated like a schmuck...
      P.S. I really hope you work for HP... It would be even better if you were part of their marketing department...

        sorry to disappoint but I don't work for HP.

        Look, I'm an HP hater from way back. I've only mellowed out because I am a SERIOUS webOS lover.

        The thing is, all that stuff you pointed out is true and valid, but doesn't really have much to do with the twenty bucks. They've done a lot of crap wrong, but it seems the twenty bucks is the 'last straw' for many people.

        I'm just saying... it's a bloody tiny straw.

      Last line meaning that they might actually get some feedback.

        If HP would like to employ me to go around forums and make sarcastic replies to people dissing their stuff, that would kind of be my dream job. Getting paid for what I do in my spare time! :P

          Nice... Just about to leave the office and pick up the kids... Trying not to piss my pants laughing... and... the reason I am ranting is because I rate WebOS as well and if it goes the way of the dinosaur then it will be ... crappy... You are right about the $20 bucks but I actually think the price fail is about $120-$150 bucks more so here but definitely in the US. Join me at the bargain bins come Christmas time... We'll be able to use 'touch to share' to lament the late greate WebOS.

    A TouchPad with wireless accessories turned up yesterday in Melbourne (direct from the US). After a couple of hours of play, the device sits in 3rd place in the tablet market (#1 = iPad2 and #2 = Samsung galaxy tab 10.1).

    Main reason: it's web browser needs an upgrade to make it user friendly.

    I listed a few other thoughts at:

    i want one !!!!!

    wahoo got a touchpad! At last I can multitask!

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