How To Update Your Facebook Status Using An iPhone 5, Google+, Harry Potter Or Jedi Mind Control

When you update your status on Facebook there's always a little line below that says "via so-and-so-device". Usually, that's your computer, iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

But there are secret codes to change that into almost anything, including:

Skynet Telegram Carrier Pigeon Morse Code Message in a Bottle Commodore 64 Your moms computer TRS-80 K.I.T.T. Mind Computer Interface eyePhone toaster microwave Super Nintendo Entertainment System Gameboy Color GoD Glade Air Freshner Strawberry The moon Dr. Pepper Nintendo wii Alcohol Cheese iPod Nano Nintendo 64 Microsoft Excel iPhone 5G Your Mums Bedroom Lamp Your moms anus Refrigerator A potato Nasa Satellite Vibrator Sperm Whale Pogo Stick Banana Phone Google+ The Future Smoke Signal tin cans connected by string Pokedex Telepathy Typewriter Harry Potter TARDIS Pip Boy Mind Control Jedi Mind Control Telekinesis Post-It Note GLaDOS Ansible W.O.P.R Airwolf HMCS Belafonte Hogwarts

The codes are long number strings that can be used in the Facebook URL. Luckily someone has made this easy to use web Facebook status updater that allows you to use a pop-up menu to select any of those and more. You just have to be logged into Facebook to use it and make your friends believe that you are posting from an iPhone 5 - so you can be smacked the next time they see you for being a clown. [Statusvia via Reddit via Geekosystem]

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