How To Photograph Fireworks (The Right Way)

How To Photograph Fireworks (The Right Way)

What sort of July 4th would it be without big bang boom fireworks? But when you take pictures of them, how come it never looks good? The Smithsonian’s Bigger Picture has culled some tips on how to properly shoot fireworks.

Most of the tips apply to any good photograph, like finding a good viewing point, thinking about framing, set your camera settings right, have all your equipment ready, etc. But there’s some advice that can really lend a helping hand when taking snaps of those fantasmic explosions:

Figure out which way the wind is blowing and get upwind: This helps you get away from the smoke that’ll block your fireworks shot and use the smoke to reflect light

Focus on shutter speed: Your digicam’s shutter speed will probably take a long time so stay steady with a tripod and if possible, a remote trigger.

If you’re shooting digital, ISO is also important: Try not to go too high or there’ll be too much noise in your shots.

Be sure to check out the rest of the tips, and give them all a try when you shoot those works of fire! [The Bigger Picture]