How The Kindle Ruins Your Dating Game

That cute one you've had your eye on in the train station? She or he totally might have chatted you up, if you'd been reading a real book instead of a goddamned Kindle.

"I can no longer hit on a handsome man on a long commute by asking about his book, because I can't see it," eligible Park Slope playwright Lisa Lewis writes in a Complaint Box essay for the New York Times website. "I had one good pickup line, and e-readers ruined it." Consider this fair warning to all of you F train wallflowers hoping to get picked up: Buy a hard copy. If the book is in Amazon's used section, it's usually cheaper than the e-version anyway, shipping included.

What's that? Physical books are bulky? Fantastic, now you're getting in shape, too. You're welcome.

Photo via Gubatron/Flickr Republished from Gawker

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